In my images and installations I hope to turn the pathetically recognizable into symbols and containers of meaning beyond the objects’ usual significance. I see everyday ordinary objects, as empathetic in their flaw and hopeful and willing in their ability to be transformed by me, the artist, into cipher of more than what they originally are. They become metaphors about the nature of life. Like a poem these expressions help us cope with disappointments and see things in a new light, exposing the beauties of daily life. The works become tools for us, sometimes contemplation aids or just inspiring calm and pause in the rush of life.

The viewer cannot quite fully know what is implied in the photographs and relationships between pieces in an installation, but project their own interpretations onto them, moving towards their own truth. If the viewer chooses to see these poems, the understanding process is slowed down and he or she becomes actively involved in the open narrative, uncovering fragments of personal feelings and meaning. My hope is for curiosity and individual thinking, and for the viewer to engage in the act and acknowledgment of their own subjectivity. In this way the works are participatory. The viewer completes the meaning. The appearance of simplicity, laying it out, and a somewhat self-exposing, ‘it is what it is” which is ‘nothing’, (often things pictured or presented are empty, unperforming, or ambiguous in nature), allows for transference. Everything is nothing until we make it something.

My work aims to question the making of meaning in visual life and the personally constructed nature of reality. We have a choice in the ways we see, think, and feel. Interpretation, uncertainty, and the search for meaning are rich exercises that can provide escape from these stressful times and the never-ending sirens of instant updates and information on the emergencies all around us.